Add Sender to Address Book and Reply

When I posted the FAQ concerning my transition from Apple, it included a way for people interested in user automation to receive future communications from me about the topic. To my delight and surprise, I received requests (via email) from hundreds of folks from around the world.

Replying to a large volume of messages can be challenging, as these steps are required for each of the messages:

So what I came up with is an AppleScript script, saved to the Script Menu in Mail, and run individually after selecting each requester message, one-at-a-time. It turns out that the script is a great way to process a large number of individual emails, while retaining the ability read and respond to those requesters who added personal comments and questions.

All-in-all, responding to each of the requests took three days to complete, but was it very informative and never tedious, all thanks to the User Automation support in Mail and Contacts.

I don’t know if you’ll ever be in the same situation, but perhaps there are some ideas and tools you can use from this script: