User Automation Blog

The following posts may vary in their purpose and design. Some posts may reflect my thoughts about a specific topic, or perhaps be an automation solution for addressing a specific workflow challenge. Regardless, I thank you for visiting this website. — Sal

Voice Control Commands for Running Shortcuts
If you’ve been looking for an easy quick way to launch your favorite shortcut, this post is for you. With the power of macOS and its built-in Voice Control abilities, running a favorite shortcut is simply a matter of saying: “Run (Title of Favorite Shortcut)”
Custom Accessibility Keyboard Panels
Using the Panel Editor application to create custom accessibility keyboard panels with buttons and keys that control applications by executing AppleScript scripts. The best part is the panels are displayed on an iPad connected via a Luna Display module!
App Extensions are not a replacement for User Automation
A blog post addressing the misconception that App Extensions could function as a replacement for User Automation.
Add Sender to Address Book and Reply
The first automation tool in this blog is the actual script I used to add those that have requested my newsletter to a group in my Contacts database and to reply to each of them in an easily-customizable email message in the Mail application.